Tips for Getting Pregnant Fast

For many couples, conceiving a child does not happen overnight. If you have had troubles with conception, there are many actions/things you can take/do to increase your chances of getting pregnant. No, these are not rituals involving dolls and magic of any kind, they are common sense, and simple actions that you can take that will significantly improve your odds of getting pregnant, faster than you think.

Considerations of your overall health and well-being will need to be taken into account, and there are things that your partner can do to help improve the chances of success as well. Of course, these steps require time and active participation from both parties for the efforts to be successful. The tips that follow are some of the best bits of advice and tips for getting pregnant fast.

Essential Tips for Getting Pregnant Fast

Watch what you eat

• It is essential for someone who is trying to conceive to watch what she eats. It is important to avoid foods and beverages that have a high caffeine content, as well as fatty foods too. Foods rich in saturated fat are known to cause excess weight gain, which, in turn, has been found to be linked to infertility cases among women. Small changes can really make a big difference in your chances of conception. Instead of grabbing that high fat snack, make the healthy choice by replacing them with fruits and vegetables, which are high in vitamins and minerals, known to increase your reproductive health and boost your fertility.

• Stop smoking. You may have heard this advice many times before, but smoking effects more than just your own health and well being, it reduces your chances of successful conception. In addition to taking you further away from your dreams of conception, it also puts you at risk for developing heart problems, cancer, and other metabolic disorders. If your partner is a smoker, it is also advised to quit. Smoking can negatively effect the male’s reproductive system as well, as second hand smoke has many negative ramifications for those who wish to conceive.

• Track and time your ovulation cycle. For most women, ovulation typically occurs fourteen days after the first day of menstruation although this may vary slightly from one woman to another. This phase in your menstrual cycle is when you highest chances of getting pregnant. So take the time to count the days, as this will help you to plan your intercourse to coincide with your most fertile period. You can also try other methods to determine your ovulation time such as by using an at-home ovulation measurement kit, basal body temperature measurement techniques, or cervical mucus testing.

Sex position matters
• During the actual act of intercourse, the position you choose can really increase the chances for successful conception. The good old missionary position is one of the best positions you can use when trying to conceive. It exposes the cervix more fully, making it easier for semen to enter and “do their thing”. Certain positions, such as woman on top or the standing position are to be avoided as much as possible. These positions do not expose the cervix to nearly as much sperm and much is “lost” due to said position.

Your partner should stock up on sperm
• Tell your partner to refrain from ejaculating three to four days before you plan to have sex. This will give your partner more time to “stock up” on sperm, making it easier for you to get pregnant faster. Planning ahead of time so as to abstain from sex during the days leading up to ovulation, and making sure that intercourse is performed during said ovulation period will too, increase your chances of getting pregnant.

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