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How to Get Pregnant Quickly

When trying to get pregnant, women will try many different methods and bits of advice so as to be able to get pregnant as quickly as possible. Chances are, tips are coming in full force from your friends, family, and co-workers, but much of the advice is based on personal experience, and in some cases, even old “wives tales”. However, it is essential for you to rely on scientifically proven tips and methods on how to conceive quickly. So, if you have been trying to conceive for years now without success, read on for some proven and helpful tips that may increase your chances for a rapid and fast conception.

Proven and Useful Tips On How to Get Pregnant Quickly

•Timing is The Key
If you want to get pregnant quickly, then it is important for you to track, in detail, your monthly ovulation cycle, as this will indicate the best times to have sex in order to increase the chances of conception. Ovulation is the time when the matured egg is released from the ovaries, travels down to the fallopian tube, and prepares to be fertilized. The uterine lining then thickens in preparation for a fertilized egg. Ovulation usually occurs fourteen days after the first day of menstruation. However, if counting the days is not within your abilities, you may also use other techniques to track your ovulation, such as basal body temperature tracking. This is done by checking your body temperature upon waking up in the morning. You can also purchase ovulation prediction kits, or if you are more familiar with your cycle, you can check your cervical mucus for loose consistency. For a higher likelihood of getting pregnant, have sex two days before, or on the first day of your ovulation cycle.

• Stop breathing fire. No, this is not all about dungeons and dragons. All you have to do is to stop smoking if you are having difficulties conceiving and also have this habit. Smoking accounts for almost 55% of infertility cases. Studies have also shown that smokers tend to have harder time conceiving than their non-smoking counterparts. Besides, we all know that there are serious risks for birth defects associated with smoking during pregnancy.

• Pop some vitamins. Vitamins are essential to health, especially for your reproductive health. Vitamin C helps protects against cell degeneration and boosts your immune system, and taking Vitamin E has been shown to help improve fertility in both men and women. Folic acid is also implicated in increasing your chances of conception, and it also helps to reduce your baby’s chances of developing neural tube defects.

• Choose your positions with care. When it comes to sex, it is important to have open communication to learn about your partner’s needs and desires, and the same thing goes when trying to conceive. Intercourse in the missionary position deposits the sperm right into the cervix which can increase your chances of getting pregnant, faster. You may also try other positions, and variations of the missionary position, such as allowing your legs to rest on your partner’s shoulders (which called the “lying knee chest position”). This position also targets the “G spot”, a pleasure spot for women. You’ve got a win-win situation there.

• Make sure to get regular exercise and lose excess weight. If you are having difficulties with conception, excess weight and a sedentary lifestyle may be to blame. Obesity has been linked to infertility cases. Studies have also shown that many women with infertility problems are overweight or obese, and that losing the excess weight will significantly increase chances of success in conceiving. Perform some light exercises or cardio – you do not have to be a gym rat to get in a bit of daily activity. Simply taking a few laps around the neighborhood a couple of times a week is a great way to get that activity that you need. This will also improve blood flow throughout the body, increasing chances of conception, and will also help keep you fit for pregnancy.

Get More Info On How to Get Pregnant Quickly

In addition to these tips, information is always King. Doing some personal research by reading books, magazine publications, scientific reports, etc., is a great way to keep up with the latest information, as well as to arm yourself with as much knowledge as possible, so as to help you in your efforts to start a family.

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