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What to Know When Having Problems Getting Pregnant

Problems arise seemingly out of nowhere, and can be due to many factors such as physiology and lifestyle choices as well. One of the problems that couples go through today is infertility. There are literally thousands of couples today who are having a hard time conceiving. For these couples who are starting to doubt their chances, advice is often handed out from friends and family members with children.

The advice you get can be useful or downright superstitious, and may range from useful and healthy tips to unknown rituals that involve dolls and dancing around the smoke. However, what seems to be the most efficient are the scientifically backed methods to help you conceive. There are actual physical reasons why you are having a hard time developing a baby. Problems may be on both sides. So take these issues to hear and find some ways to alter them as well.

Why You Might Be Having Problems Getting Pregnant

• Smoking. Smoking is the main suspect behind many diseases that you usually encounter in the hospital. The same is applied to your problem of fertility. The chemicals in the cigarette alter your respiratory status and your ability to reproduce as well. This is due to the fact of the nicotine that alters your ability to produce hormones, thus making it harder to conceive. Furthermore, you also put your baby at risk for miscarriage and also in developing congenital anomalies. Second hand smoking is also as harmful. Advise your husband, if he is a smoker to quit the habit, for the sake of your chances of having a healthy baby.

• Stress may also hurt your chances of getting pregnant when you are your partner decide the time is right. Stress from work and other related areas increases your production of cortisol, a stress hormone. This can keep your your fertility at bay which makes it hard for you to conceive. You can take some time to assess your stressors and find some healthy ways on how to deal with it. But the main point is that reducing your stress levels can make conception easier.

• Being overweight is also a problem for your fertility. Too much fat can cause your hormones to be altered or decreased in quantity, making it harder to successfully conceive. Obese and overweight women were also found by recent statistics to be the most likely to have fertility problems as compared with women who have healthy and ideal body weight.

• Being underweight also poses problems for your fertility. Lacking in nutrition also alters your hormones in a similar, yet different way than being overweight does. Take your time to get some rest, avoid stress, binge drinking, and strenuous activities to help you gain weight. Choose healthier alternatives to junk or diet foods, such as lean proteins, and of course, plenty of fruits and vegetables.

• Another problem that you can encounter is your partner’s sperm count or your egg count. Lacking either of the two can alter your ability to conceive. Knowing how you measure up in these areas can only be made possible by fertility measurements. You may talk to your doctor to address this area of concern. He/she may suggest treatment options to help you achieve the desired count, if possible. Take note that these treatment options may also vary.

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