How to Get Pregnant At 40

Just like any other living being with the ability to reproduce, humans too are subject to that undeniable “game changer” called TIME, and with that time comes physiological degradation. As we age, certain changes take place within our bodies. These changes include reductions to our strength and stamina, our ability to participate in certain activities, decline in certain mental capacities, as well as our ability to reproduce.

Advice for How to Get Pregnant At 40

As women age, our chances of conceiving and giving birth begin to decline, and the potential for complications begins to rise. This is due to the decline in the reproductive ability and the release of hormones. However, if you started late in life and would like to get pregnant at 40, then there are some ways to improve your chances to conceive. Some of the proven and effective tips are as follows:

Timing Is Everything

Just as it is for young women of prime childbearing age, timing is incredibly important to increase the chances of conception. This is especially true for those of more “advanced age” trying to conceive. Timing, in this sense, means that you need to have a detailed understanding of your ovulation cycle, so as to know your most fertile time of the month. Ovulation generally occurs fourteen days after the first day of your period, so this is the time to start counting the days.

During this fourteen day window, you are far more likely to get pregnant than at any other time of the month. The reason for this is that ovulation is a time when the physiological structure of the uterus thickens to prepare for a fertilized ovum. You may use ovulation detection kits as simple and objective ways to determine your ovulation in a more concrete way.

Make Smart and Healthy Lifestyle Changes

Start eating a balanced and healthy diet if you want to conceive and are 40 or older. A healthy diet consists the consumption of a wide range of whole foods, as well as ensuring that you are getting the right mix of nutrients. Variety is key, but healthy choices are much more important. Remember that being a healthy weight will leave you far more likely to get pregnant than being malnourished or overweight.

It is best for you to stop smoking or limit the intake of caffeine in your diet, if either of these substances are vices. One doesn’t need to be re-informed of the fact that smoking is bad for your health, but many do not realize that it also makes your body, well, not as conducive to conception as a non-smoker. Especially for women trying to conceive who are nearing menopausal age, smoking is an even more detrimental to your chances of conception than it might otherwise be for a younger woman. Several researchers have found strong correlations between infertility and smoking.

How Your Partner Can Help

Ask your partner to “hold it” for a little while longer than might be preferable. In accordance to the ovulation period stated above, you may advise your partner to hold off ejaculation three to four days before your day of ovulation. The rationale behind is to stock up on sperm to increase the chances of getting pregnant at 40. This increase in sperm is said to help increase the chances of having a successfully fertilized egg.

Take Some Time to Get Busy, Literally

Aside from the tips above, it is also important to engage in physical activity so as to keep yourself in good shape. Being in shape, and being at a healthy weight will help your chances of getting pregnant at 40. Simple cardio, such as walking, hiking, and even cycling, just a couple times a week helps keep you healthy, and reduce your likelihood of becoming overweight or obese. Obese and overweight women in their forties are less likely to conceive as compared to healthy and active

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