Essential Information About Your Chances of Getting Pregnant at 40

Our physical and mental abilities unavoidably decline as we age – this is a simple fact of life. This is truly one of the phenomenal points in our lives that we must all accept whole heartedly. These physical functions and mental capabilities include our ability to remember things, lift objects, and even reproduce. Reproduction is at its peak during our twenties and may begin to decline during the mid thirties. That is one of the main reasons why women often begin to start planning a family during their early to mid-20s. However, at that point in life, many women are not ready to have children, and have thus held off until they felt the time was right. If you are one among the many women all over the world who are planning to get pregnant at the age of 40, then there are some things that you need to know.

How To Increase Your Chances of Getting Pregnant at 40

Getting pregnant at 40 is not as simple as when you were in your twenties, that is just a simple fact of nature. This is brought about by the principles and effects of aging. At this so-called “advanced maternal age”, your chances of getting pregnant during any given month are actually around 5%. There is a drastic decline in fertility when a woman reaches her mid to late 30s, that just continues it decline at a more rapid clip as age progresses. However, due to these percentages, it is hard to estimate your chances of getting pregnant, though it is still possible. There are several reasons why, at this moment in time, your reproductive health is not as it once was.

1. The main reason for this is your physiological decline. As you age, the production of fully matured age tends to decline during ovulation. Ovulation is when your uterus thickens to prepare for an incoming fertilized ovum. During your teens, there are literally millions of eggs in your reproductive system, which then declines to the hundred thousands during your thirties. Not all of these eggs, of course, even reach the full stage of maturity, and as you age, the number of completely mature eggs significantly declines. This decline during your forties makes it harder to conceive, giving you a single digit percentage of conceiving during this point in your life.

2. Although sexual drives may vary from one woman to another, it slowly declines as women begin to move through their 40s. Certainly, this is one of the major reasons that decreases your percentage of getting pregnant after 40. It, um, takes two to tango, and to make a baby as well.

3. If you are smoking, drinking, or taking any contraceptive drugs, then you are also putting yourself at risk for a great decline in your ability to get pregnant. An average woman, during middle age, doubles her chances of being infertile due to smoking or drinking. Make it triple for a woman during her forties with smoking or drinking habits. If you want to have a child and need to increase your chances of getting pregnant after 40, then it is about time to quit these unhealthy habits. Contraceptive drugs on the other hand, while not dangerous to your health in the same manner as smoking and drinking, does keep you from being able to conceive, even for a few months upon discontinuation of taking said medication.

4. Being overweight also decreases fertility, and thus your ability to reproduce. Overweight women are less likely to get pregnant as compared to an average woman with ideal body weight. It is essential to take some alterations to your diet and partake in exercises to shed off the extra weight.

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